Friday, January 27, 2006

yeah I know, I know...

Very soon, before you ask. Wait for the weekend.
For crying out loud, I've been sick and it's the first week of school!

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

update (clever huh?)

So yes I am home. No I don't have pics 'cause I don't know how to work flikr. I guess you can go search flickr for vivalehoho but I don' t know.

SYC was fun and I saw a lot of cool people that I don't see enough of. I miss so many people.

I am working graveyards monday through friday for a few weeks so I am a little off when it comes to sleep.

Anyways I am giving my very first sermon ever (in front of the whole church) on the 22nd.

So for those of you who only see me on here click on my myspace page and add me as your friend. HERE

Ok Hopefully I will have those pics soon, Much love and I'll talk to you soon.