Saturday, December 17, 2005

Therein Lies the Answer

K so this is my disclaimer... I know that this sounds all depressing but read in between the lines and you'll see that it is actually an expression of hope. So uh yeah you don't have to get all worried or anything like that.

I walk upon the leaves and cement
the air is as cold as the heart that beats inside me
I am fading like the lines on the road
Am I questioning, am I lacking?
I know the point of it all but what is the point of now?
Lights blur around this paper
places to go... people to see...
purposes at the heels of the beams
following the road ahead
I fill no footsteps though the path before me has been walked before
I stir no dust, I float above it all
I know that I am uncommitted
yet I know what lies behind the door before me
It is life, It is life with a future
it is life with a purpose and drive
Am I coping with my own indecision or just afraid of what I may become?
I don't want to age yet I feel strange in my youth,
I feel like a high school kid all over again, torn between two worlds
this is the point of it all
the point is to question
because if you don't you are never really sure and will float again
I am grounded in my questions
I am not blind and dumb
I believe because I ask, not because I am content
I am content not to know yet may die before I now the answer
I understand the point of that.
help me to understand my point now
I want to do more than ask questions,
I want to have faith
therein lies the answer
therein lies the question

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Heatherly said...

being a dork i forgot to tell you the otherday that i like your poem.

i like your poem.