Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What Goes Through a Worship Leaders Head

No I am not back. I will never really be back. I have been taken in by the black hole that is myspace. Anyways, this was written by Eric Owyoung of Something Like Silas, worship band for FLOOD in San Diego. Just a glimpse into the strange mind of a worship leader. Feel free to comment and if you are a worship leader, feel free to add a few.


What Goes Through A Worship Leader's Head
By Eric Owyoung of
Something Like Silas

"Why does my stupid guitar keep going out of tune?"

"Man it's hot in here."

"Jesus, give me the right words."

"I hope I don't get something in my eye."

"We need to practice the chorus some more, we stink."

"That was a cool drum fill."

"My cable is wrapped around my leg."

"Lord, bless that girl crying in the front."

"I wonder if they're getting this song."

"I hope the band remembers how to do the transition into the next song."

"Shoot, what are the words to the next verse?!"

So does that sound like a divine experience? Or does that sound just a little too familiar? That's just a few of the thoughts out of the other million going through our heads. The difference between me though and a lot of other guilt ridden worship leaders is that I don't feel that those are wrong. In fact, I think they are exactly the things I should be thinking about! But aren't we supposed to be dwelling on the presence of God? Aren't we supposed to be having an intimate moment with Christ each time? Isn't that what being a worship leader is? I suppose then, I should just drop the guitar, tell the band to put all their instruments down, and lets all have our own worship experience. How lame would that be!!! We're not helping anybody draw near to God by doing that.

Lets start with this. Worship is more than a song, it is more than words. It is more about a lifestyle, the way we live, think, act, breathe. But when we describe a worship experience, we are referring to an intimate moment, a divine connection, a time in which we put aside all distractions and give our attention to God alone. I believe that my moment of worship does not happen on stage near as intentionally or intensely as it does when I worship him off stage. If I am saving my time with God for the moments on stage, I believe that I may be taking away from others intimate moments with God. For example, if I say "God, I want to have such an intimate time with you and I shouldn't disrupt it. Even though my E string is a complete half step off, I refuse to pay attention to it." Man what disaster it would be. I'd have the worshippers praying that worship would be over soon.

Leading worship is like being a teacher. The teacher learns and discovers outside of the classroom. When he come into the class room before the students, his lesson is prepared, he is ready to focus on his lesson plan, not to have any new discoveries. It is much like that in leading worship. The worship leader is required to take the time, to study over, to pray over, and most of all to worship before walking on stage. Those moments on stage require the worship leader to be thinking about what he doesn't want other to worry about. That's being a servant. It's saying, "Hey, come here and relax. Enjoy the presence of God. Come into this place and I'll tidy things up so you don't have to focus on anything but your God right now. My band and I am going to serve you so this can all happen."

I've found the spirit of God moves not because I'm leading the charge, but because the thousand worshippers in front of me are enabled to lead the charge without distraction. I'm just in the boiler room keeping the engine running. I may throw out a few cheers or challenges and stuff, but man the spirit of God is responding to the mass of followers that are seeking after him. That's when something amazing happens.

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Natasha said...

Chris, this is awesome. Just awesome. I'm not a worship leader, but I needed to hear that. It's awesome.