Sunday, July 02, 2006

Camp and the Triumphant Return

I am back from a week playing music at youth camp. I got back yesterday around 4 and then went to back to work last night so needless to say I am POOOOOPED.

But besides the poopiness (is that the proper way to spell that?) the past week was amazing. I led worship every night and a little bit each morning with Brock, Josh,
Mike, Tim, and even Lew for one of the nights. Eventually my voice completely died and I now have vocal cords that are nothing but raw flesh (yay) but I wouldn't have it any other way. My fingers burned from playing guitar for an invitation that did not stop for what seemed like 45 minutes. No, that does not bother me, it just means I need to practice more. God did some amazing stuff at that lake and hopefully I will be able to keep up.

In other news stuff is rapidly changing personally and I am fully ok with that. More and more each day I am feeling called to full-time ministry. Where? When? How? To who? All of these I have no answer to but I am fully ok with that as well. Aaaand on top of that there are some other things coming up on the radar. Whatever happens I think I'm coo' with it.

So, until next time kiddies... brush your teefs!


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Heatherly said...

hurray for camp. it was fun if you forget that my baby landed face first in dirt and rocks.