Monday, December 11, 2006


So I looked out the window and decided to write something.
Tell me what you think... and what you think it's about.

I may just end up telling you. :P

I feel the weight pulling down.
I am constantly being added to.
heavier and heavier
I am unable to float any longer
The burden of growing is too much to bear

Now I fall
faster and faster

gaining speed
I am blown by the cold wind
left and right
faster and faster

I see where my destiny lies
I see the end of my travels
My path is set.
and with a crash my journey is over

I feel the weight pulling down
I am constantly being added to
until the warmth comes and it begins again.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous is silly. its not poop, poop does not float in the air... only in da tank. it sounds like maybe leaves, but we don't really have any leaves left up here. but it still could be. why don't you tell us ho-ho. it sounded cool.

Nicole said...

Ha! I know! He told me! lol
I really like this have a knack for poems.

Heatherly said...

gravity, why can't we seem to keep it together.....

when you were bored with out mandy yesterday, i didnt realize you were sooooo bored :-)

watching leaves and not suicidal jumpers i hope :-)