Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Intensity and the Rush Were the Lie

In mere seconds,
I circle the edge of the deep end
the cement is slick
the water laps against the tile and stone overflowing
I feel the cold bitterness edging my feet.

I hear the lifeguard yell a warning
I hear a parent tell me to heed their cry
I hear the slap of the ground against my feet
I feel the chill between my toes.

I can't stop running, the joy of it all seems so significant.
I dodge past people and obstacles, running for more.
all the while the water beckons,
all the while it creeps beneath my feet
and causes me to slip.
I feel a blow

I hear a circling of water.
all the while it had beckoned me, it was hushed,
it was quiet, I was unaware.
Now it circles my nostrils, it surrounds me.
It pulls me deeper, it holds me captive.
Holds me silent.

I hear splashes, I hear yells
I feel the water falling away,
I feel the hands of those who would pull me up.

I lay upon the cement while the water drips from my fingertips.

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