Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Young Adult Group

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to thank everyone for an awesome time last night. It was
Doesn't the word very look weird? Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's Maybelinne!
Wow why am I so weird?  If you think it looks weird please post a reply. If you tell me which band I just referenced you get an extra thousand points. You know what... just reply anyway. Anybody who reads this post a reply. It'll make me feel less weird. And if you count how many times I said weird I will give you yet another... Thousand points! And if you tell me how many periods are in this posting I will give you a whole five-thousand points!! All for a grand total of Seven-Thousand Points!!!!!
What's the point?   I'm going home now.
as always you guys ROCK!!


gfhkjfgk said...

i agree hoho. very does look very weird, especially sitting there all by itself. and duh, it Relient K. you said weird five times, and you have 21 periods. i am the winner, yea!!! i like being the winner, its fun. you the hoho. later yo

Anonymous said...

dude...Relient K. and you are so ...interesting

Lesa said...

I'm replying :) I'm not sure what else to say, since Duane and Rachel already claimed the points! LOL.