Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Amid Smoke, Steam, and Grinding of Gears...

...I have been thinking.

Since I just so happen to be a "worship leader" I was thinking to myself.

"Hmm... I wonder... when do I have to get up tomorrow? Why did I eat those Doritos? What AM I doing up so late? What..."

Well you get the idea. But among this torrent of cerebral firings I have also began to wonder if I, as a "worship leader" (I am putting quotation marks around it because it is part of the issue in question) should speak upon the subject of which my title refers to. But first, as if there were to be a last on the topic, I would like to know what YOU have to say on this subject.

What is worship? What is praise?

Keep in mind that these are asked in the vein of thought that they are each two separate entities. Say as little or as much as you want. You can leave comments, send me an e-mail, call me, Send it FedEx, or even send me a Myspace message. Whichever method you prefer to convey your ideas, either public or surreptitiously, extensive or short, please do so in a somewhat timely manner. I realize that this is a silly thought, to ask you the reader to "turn your homework in on time" or to even comment at all but I genuinely want to know what you think. Moreover, I would like to write on this topic soon and would like to have your input while I do so.

So there we are... well... I suppose we are somewhere anyway.

Répondez s'il vous plaît.


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