Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Don’t Look Down

Actually, I can't unless you count looking down at the floor. I am in an aisle seat. I usually don't mind unless the stewardess keeps numbing your elbow with the beverage cart. Oh, wait. OUCH!

Haha. It only hurts a little.

We're about an hour into our flight as I type this and the fact that we're going Hawaii for two weeks hasn't really sunken in yet. At least for me. It feels like a trip to SYC or something even though we're high above the water. We already met the rest of the team in the terminal while we waited for our plane to arrive. They all seem like really nice people who're excited to be going as well. Rebecca commented that it actually feels like we're going to Hawaii upon seeing her name under "HILO" on her baggage claim ticket as we trudged through the security line.

I can't wait…


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