Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Butte College Bible Study

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been gone. The Blogin' machine was broken for a little while but now I'm back!. I'm happy to say that the first official Butte College Bible study went awesome (for the three of us) : ) hopefully God-willing it will swell to a whole four. hehe! Anyways. I hope everyone is rockin' and keeping God first. Please be in prayer for this college ministry as it is about to have some major overhaul. (sweet, change is good!) Oh yeah! If You want to know where and when the Bible study is, it is at Butte College Fridays at 1pm. Located at the picnic tables on the library lawn overlooking the amphitheater and sports fields. Click the title for a flashmap of Butte. The amphitheater is number 96. If you click the little blue dot above it, it opens a QuickTime 360 degree view of the area. Ooh, high tech.

Anyhoo, talk to you all soon!

-HoHo... The Dagron

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