Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mission Statement

Hey guys... First off I would like to say sorry for being gone so long but I have been buried under a pile of homework. The funky-funky people in the college group like me are trying to compose a mission statement. Here it goes;

"Our mission is to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ, to disciple one another in the Word of God, to join together in worship and fellowship, and to minister to our community through witnessing and service."

Our four points of focus are on:

Well anyhoo, tell me what you think! You don't actually have to be in the group to comment so fire away!

I'll be back soon...



Anonymous said...

Since you said I didn't have to be in the group to make a comment, I'll put my two cents worth in. It's awesome. Right to the point, no messing around with fufu nonsense. Now the hard part; actually doing it!! Keep up the amazing work of the Lord! By faith, Corinne.

Chris said...

Thanks Chicken Thief! You ROCK!! Are there any others willing to respond to me? (boo hoo)